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What is "the sweating sickness"?

Greeting from Manus MacDhai!

I am reading a book on Henry VIII and I keep coming across references 
to the "sweating sickness" in England in the period 1490-1515.   Does 
anyone know what caused this illness and what we would call it  
today?   I don't remember the exact symptoms as described but the 
victim would break into a heavy sweat and turn bright red.  The time 
from onset of the symptoms and death was in the order of hours to 
days.  I will have to review the section for a more indepth 
description of the symptoms.

Thank you!

-- Manus MacDhai
   Barony of Windmasters' Hill


-- P. Scott Dean
   Administrative Computing Services
   Box 7902
   North Carolina State University
   Raleigh, NC  27695