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Luncheons This Month?

Greetings, Gentle Neighbors--

	Could someone post for the delectation of us all the dates and meeting 
places of February's Northern Atlantia SCA luncheons?  I think Reston/Herndon 
is the 2nd Thursday, which makes it a week from today, but other ones might be 
local enough that we'd see some of the same faces in the same places! :)

	Do other parts of the Kingdom do this?  I think it's a neat idea .... 
they did nothing like this in Carolingia back in 1974 .... :)

	(Who didn't re-join until last year after a loooooong time away, and so 
is therefore technically neither older than Dirt(tm) nor remembers the 
founding of Stew(tm).... though she keeps reminding herself that Age(tm) is a 
documented feature, not a bug--and certainly not a workaround.... )