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Re: Atlantian History

Was Hail, Duncan! (S'up, dude?)

>When, out of curiosity I inquired how she had gotten my name, she said from
>a very nice gentleman down in Atlanta - he went by the name of William de
>Montegilt in the Society.

William was a Black Diamond fixture back in our day -- he once made
a special trip to the Ministry to fix his Mother's chicken soup for Led and
me when we were prostrate with scarlet fever...I'm not surprised that he
would steer the lady to you!

>-Duncan MacKinnon
>Black Diamond, Atlantia
>(who is bracing for yet another snow storm this weekend)

Damn, that's really too bad, Duncan!! >:^) I won't tell you about the
several days' worth of 60-degree weather we've been having out
here. No wonder you guys want to road trip!!! :^) But I must say,
Blacksburg has it all over Colorado for fall foliage, if not weather.
Perhaps the only reason I could think of for everyone not moving
out to Black Diamond West immediately... (hee hee)

Take care,