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Games Tourney Update

Greetings to you from Lady Catriona Macraith,

	February draws near, and I wished to provide our
friends with some additional information about Isenfir's
upcoming Midwinter Revel and Tenth Games Tournament.  I would
ask that you convey this to your local Chronicler and to the
good gentles in your area.
	As in the past Games Tournaments, backgammon, nine man
morris, and standard chess will be played, along with an open
category.  We ask that participants bring additional chess sets
if possible, as Isenfir's are limited.
	Isenfir's Red Mountain Inn will be open for business,
with Atlantian coin for sale in case your own coffers are
somewhat diminished.  Also, since local eating establishments
are quite limited, the Inn will be offering light fare for a
nominal fee.
	Palios will be running at interims throughout the day,
and we challenge all gentles to come and test the speed of
their steeds against one another to determine the fleetest of
foot (and most finely arrayed) throughout all of Atlantia.
	I would also like to remind people that Isenfir's crash
space is somewhat limited, so contact me with requests and
reservations as soon as possible.  Please feel free to call
with any questions (804)-971-4961 between 5pm and 11:30 pm
during the week).

				In service to Atlantia, 

(editor's note:  responding to this email address will as good
as get the message to her/cheers/Susanna)