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Having Fun, was: the principality debate

Erich Scripsit:

> B-O-R-I-N-G!!!! Let's go have fun! 

I quite agree .... let's see, now.  A group of us got together for luncheon 
today in Ponte Alto .... we had a great time, and got to put faces to some of 
the local email we see here.  I liked it!  I'd like to see it spread!

which is not to say we can never discuss things--but some things are more fun!

Bright Hills and Dun Carraig both have events this weekend ....

Next weekend is Lochmere, Isenfir and Stierbach ....

Estrella is next week, but I can't make it, darn ....

And, of course, Ponte Alto's Baronial Birthday, or was that Un-Birthday, is 
the 25th ....

And lest we forget, there's Atlantia Choir, Fighter Practice, and Heralds' 
gatherings ....

"In the morning, in the evening, ain't we got fun???"

| Dexter Guptill, Cmdr
| 49th VA 
> Vol Inf, CSA 

No Yankees in THIS part of Fairfax County yet, sir!
(Will Fitzhugh, Lee's Rangers, at your service ....)

(who LIKES having fun!)