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Re: Atlantian problems.....

Miriam scripsit:

*I understand EXACTLY what you mean when you talk about people with hats
*thinking that they are Really above the others. I'm a long time member (10
*yrs) and my Lord has been playing in kingdom for 12. I have had to coax and 

*cajole him on several occasions to continue to play, as he is tired of the
*politics and pettyness.

And so are about 2/3 of the populace.

*        We travel in many kingdoms as merchants. In the last year we have
*done events in the East, Calintir, Trimaris, and Meridies, and the Middle
*as well as Atlantia. In each kingdom people have made a point of coming
*over and making us feel welcome, but only at home in Atlantia have we been
*treated like parasites, and had our efforts belittled to our faces. It has
*come to the point at times that I have actively looked for a Mundane job
*out of kingdom to move to a place where our hobby would be fun again. While 

*we have many close friends locally, there are many who are less than

       Miriam, my, I hadn't realized it was quite so bad.  Parasites?  I 
and vehemently.  I bought my Voulge blade years ago, before we had the 
of research that were done by Wolfe's Company, La Belle Compagnie and
Argent Company.  Its too heavy, but that's because we were both in the dark 
to details on the piece.   Since that time, I must say your lord's work has 
to improve and at each step of the way reflects improving research and
craftsmanship.  I hate to think of how diminished the area will be without 
his efforts....

But at least the fish won't have to worry as much!

*        People need to realize that a societal rank does not make them
*better people, and that one of the responsibilities of those in 'power' is
*to encourage, not to squelch. It doesn't lower ones 'dignity' to smile and
*say hello.

    A key area that we are all falling down on: plain mundane manners. 
introductions, a surly attitude and downright rudeness are all too common
place.  I am guilty of all these, and have made a conscious effort over the 
two years to improve.  The good thing is, it takes less effort, the bad 
thing is I don't
think I've improved my behavior anywhere near enough.

*        Just one more note, while at Southern Region 12night there was a
*visiting Laural from Trimaris, I believe here name was Mistress Elsbeth.
*She made a point of going through the A&S displays and putting a personal
*note on EVERY SINGLE ITEM. They ranged from "good first try, keep it up"
*types to "I love it and want to talk to you about making me one" types. The 

*point is that she encouraged every participant, regardless of rank or
*level. If more people would take the time to encourage the efforts of
*others, the Dream would be more of a Dream.

What she said.

*                        Miriam

Richard of La Rochelle