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A story! A story!

    The esteemed Mar Yaakov answers my call for lighter entertainment
    in the Tavern, and posts a message (followed by the Urban Legend

Hail Cheapside!

Who can resist the command of a beautiful lady, especially a legend?

    Mar Yaakov, I blush.  And proffer a cup of well-earned ale.

I will share a song then, a "filk" if you will.  It is horribley modern, but
this is rather the place for such things.  Feel free to join in on the

    Thank you for the song.  I've not heard that one before, and can
    identify less than half of the references.  Could you take
    pity on one who has been away (and people who are very new) by
    providing footnotes?

    (shiny-eyed with the delight of simple songs and good company)