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Re: Event idea (very preliminary) --comments sought

Greetings from Ellwood!

Gee, it's been quiet here.  Did our router die again?  All that P-stuff must
have whacked it pretty hard.  8^)

Scriptsit Xavier:
%On Feb 22, 11:43pm, Karl William Kieninger wrote:
%>         Lover's and Fighter's Melees and More
%> Are you a Lover or a Fighter?  We split the populous into those
%> who "fight for love" and thos who "love to fight".  There will be
%> both armored and rapier melees, as well as contests for
%> noncombatants.  These will include A&S and Bardic competions on
%> the themes of Love and War.  Points may also be scored in horse
%> races and at the gambling tables.  Target archery if the site and
%> schedule premits.
%>         The prepared feast will be served by representatives of
%> the losing side.  After dinner the sides are reunited in dancing
%> and other entertainments.
%> Questions:
%> 1) Is this an event you would want to attend?
%Yes It sounds like a fun deviation from the norm.  Witha little acting 
%this could be a blast

A definite "new" event.  As someone correctly pointed out, doing the
same event over and over will get boring.  I *like* it.  Too bad I don't
qualify for either side 8^)  We're talking about a guy whose students
referred to him as "Spock".

At one of Falcon Cree's events, we held a "court of love" where a panel
of ladies gave advice to people who had written their questions down
beforehand.  I didn't catch most of it, but I think people had fun with 

%> 2) Is there too much going on?
%IMHO there usually isn't enough going on at an event.
%Especially fro non fighters.

I always have wished for more A&S at events.  Depending on the A&S
activity in your area, this can be tough to get.  Dancing tends to fizzle
down here--we get flurries of interest, then they die 8^(

%> 3) The theme was chosen as a way to split into sides without
%> dividing along regional lines or limiting the period or
%> geographic areas of the side.  That is, Lovers and Fighters
%> existed everywhere, while the Normans vs the Saxons leaves the
%> Japanese and Arabs out in the cold.  Is the theme to silly?  I

%i think if you can get the people into the spirit of things this could be a
%blast.  However it would require some extemes in terms of makeshift

It's a good idea.  It transcends geography and nationality.  Kool!  At any
rate, why would anyone need to adjust their personas?  Just play up the
Lover or Fighter aspect of your persona depending on how you feel that
day 8^)

%> 4) I can imagine that type of division striking the fancy of the
%> ladies in court.  Is the any historical reference point that even
%> comes closes to resembling at least the combat portion?
%Well I don't know about this particular division but I don't think fighting
%for love is out of period, but fighting for the conceptof love is a 

%In surf-ice
Hey!  Another Ellwood line makes a place for itself!  (The other is "Bad
 <insert person/profession/other noun>, no biscuit.")  Xavier, it works 
in context.....

(who throws out perfectly good witticisms every once in a while)