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Re: Fireside song

At 10:13 PM 2/25/95 -0500, EoganmacL@aol.com wrote:
><Eogan saunters up to the fire, kilt swishing, boots knocking against the
>wooden floor>

[warm greetings, excuses and wonderfully silly, baudy song omitted]

<Deirdre, chokes on her ale, and trys to decide whether to blush or burst
out laughing. She has no control over the latter and claps her hands with glee>

     Vivat! Tourney of Ymir...an inspiration to us all. I'm looking forward
to Jongleurie even more now.

<Deirdre pats the chair next to her>

     Please go find your charming lady, Eithne, and join Mistress Ianthe and
me by the fire, as you always bring cheer to a room.


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