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Re: Are Duck Pins Period?

Good day --
   As the virtuous and fair Countess Ianthe and I are both originally from
the Barony of Carolingia known to one and all as the home of the bean and the
codpiece, I feel I must defend the habit of iscthotrixy (the use of fish as
substitute garments) which was begun near Carolingia in the ancient days by
one hight Squanto.  It so happens that the waters off the coast of Carolingia
teem with breem and are chockful of halibut and cod.  As you are all aware
the finest garb in all the Knowne world is made in Carolingia and the finest
of all is made out of young and tender cod and halibut.  You haven't lived
until you've gone to your first event and 'gotten schrod' as the initial
wearing of the piscine houpelande is termed.
   By the way what does Razmus mean by saying, 'Hoping this finds you in
massive good health.'  Hmmmm?