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Yet Another Event idea - comments sought

  You claimed that these items make up a perfect event?

   >1) A bonfire 
    > 2) No competitions - except brewers and belly dancing maybe
    > 3) No feast - everyone brings their own plus some to share
    > 4) 100% of attendees camp 
    > 5) Loud, dripping, sopping, drenched, Wet Site
    > 6) Everyone brings stuff to trade - Clothes, armor, blades, feast 
    > 7) Lots of Drums for wild dancing

ARGHH! remind me to avoid your events. My favorite events have had the 

	1) camp fires
	2) camping
	3) wet wet wet 
		so far we agree, but here is where we differ

	4) an excellent feast
	5) many and varied competions, so that many may enter, not just 
needle work and brewing
	6) dancing, but NO belly dancers (I hate harem style dancers, but 
enjoy true middle eastern dances)
	7) Many merchants
	8) Quiet conversation/music/storytelling
Good friends, good food, good conversations, a few drinks, and a good 
nights sleep in the fresh air! Ah, now that is a good time!