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Re: Yet Another Event idea - comments sought

On 2 Mar 1995, Ruth A. Cardiff wrote:

> ARGHH! remind me to avoid your events. My favorite events have had the 
> following:
> 	1) camp fires
> 	2) camping
> 	3) wet wet wet 
> 		so far we agree, but here is where we differ

Wet is not always necessary, but it can be fun.....of course, it can be 
dangerous too......like last Pennsic when I almost tumbled into Vlad's 
fire pit.....oops....almost let that one slip out. :)

 > > 	4) an excellent feast > 	

Feasts are a good thing!

5) many and varied competions, so that many may enter, not just 
> needle work and brewing

Yes, something for everyone.  Also, different levels of competition.  It 
seems unfair to have Laurels and students clumped into the same competition.

> 	6) dancing, but NO belly dancers (I hate harem style dancers, but 
> enjoy true middle eastern dances)

VIVAT! to that.  My Lady performs true middle eastern dancing, and I've 
come to dislike the SCA "jingle bunnies". They're so, ungraceful, or 

> 	7) Many merchants

So that we may squander our hard earned money! :)

> 	8) Quiet conversation/music/storytelling

Yes, around a campfire.

> 	9)NO DRUMS AFTER 11pm

Nor bagpipes before 8 AM. :)
> Good friends, good food, good conversations, a few drinks, and a good 
> nights sleep in the fresh air! Ah, now that is a good time!

Yeah.....do we ever have events like that in Atlantia? ;)  I've been to 
one in Meridies, and I've been to Pennsic, but I can't say I ever 
remember a good camping event in Atlantia.  Perhaps Emerald Joust, but I 
wasn't able to stay for the festivities afterward.  Anyway, you 
definately know what is involved in a good SCA event.

Lord Ingelri Kelvin