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Re: Yet Another Event idea - comments sought

> 5) many and varied competions, so that many may enter, not just 
> > needle work and brewing
> Yes, something for everyone.  Also, different levels of competition.  It 
> seems unfair to have Laurels and students clumped into the same competition.

What about the folks who love to do A&S, but hate to "compete"? A&S
_displays_ include everyone. I am neither motivated nor discouraged by
competition -- I really don't care how well or poorly I do relative to
other people -- but I am apparently pretty unusual in this respect. I
do have many friends who intensely dislike competitions, or are made
very nervous by them.

Gregory Blount of Isenfir, novice gambist/hammer dulcimer player in a
number of A&S competitions, happily capturing last place...

p.s. Drums after 11? Earplugs. And can we also outlaw snoring?