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Re: Yet Another Event idea - comments sought

On Mon, 6 Mar 1995, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols wrote:

> > > 	6) dancing, but NO belly dancers (I hate harem style dancers, but 
> > > enjoy true middle eastern dances)
> > 
> > VIVAT! to that.  My Lady performs true middle eastern dancing, and I've 
> > come to dislike the SCA "jingle bunnies". They're so, ungraceful, or 
> > something.
> > 
> They are far more graceful than one who would insult someone simply 
> because of their style of dress or dance in an area where even 
> laurels can not agree where period dancing recreation ends and purely 
> modern dancing begins.

If you got the impression that I was insulting someone, then I must 
apologize.  Also, I said nothing about their dress, merely their form of 
dancing.  My lady has extensively studied and practiced middle eastern 
dancing, and has told me that what we would consider "belly dancing" is 
not a period form of middle eastern dance.  I do believe, however, that 
"belly dancing" was a dance practiced by Spanish gypsies, but do not know 
from what time period.  Just an oppinion, and not meant to discourage or 
insult anyone, so let's not turn this into a flame session over who's 
right and who's wrong.  

In service,

Ingelri Kelvin