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Re: Yet Another Event idea - comments sought

On Mon, 6 Mar 1995, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> > 5) many and varied competions, so that many may enter, not just 
> > > needle work and brewing
> > 
> > Yes, something for everyone.  Also, different levels of competition.  It 
> > seems unfair to have Laurels and students clumped into the same competition.
> What about the folks who love to do A&S, but hate to "compete"? A&S
> _displays_ include everyone. I am neither motivated nor discouraged by
> competition -- I really don't care how well or poorly I do relative to
> other people -- but I am apparently pretty unusual in this respect. I
> do have many friends who intensely dislike competitions, or are made
> very nervous by them.

I never said that anyone had to compete, I just forgot to mention that 
part.  An assumption on my part, sorry.  I think that it is readily known 
that A&S displays are always welcome.  The point that I was trying to 
make was that if there are to be competitions, some of them should be 
divided according to the level of the entrants.  That's all.  Nothing more, 
nothing less.  I realize that this setup won't work for all occasions, 
but it does allow more people to enter their A & S stuff if thy so choose.