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Re: Yet Another Event idea - comments sought

> > > 
> > > VIVAT! to that.  My Lady performs true middle eastern dancing, and I've 
> > > come to dislike the SCA "jingle bunnies". They're so, ungraceful, or 
> > > something.
> > > 
> > They are far more graceful than one who would insult someone simply 
> > because of their style of dress or dance in an area where even 
> > laurels can not agree where period dancing recreation ends and purely 
> > modern dancing begins.
> If you got the impression that I was insulting someone, then I must 
> apologize.  

No, you weren't insulting anyone in particular. In fact, I'm sure you didn't 
mean to insult anyone. What you were doing is, in fact, common in the 
SCA: Making a less than flattering comment about a group in the 
society who doesn't play the game the same way that you and your lady 
do. It's not even the particular that I care about, it's that people 
in Society will mildly swipe at part of the Society and not even realize 
that they're making a put-down. It's this unconsious attitude of judging 
other SCAians as us (good) and them (not so good) that I take 
exception to. 

I just wish for a society where its members are not constantly 
pigeon-holing its fellow members as "jingle-bunnies,' 'authonicity 
(sic) police' 'interfering heralds,' 'rhino hiders,' etc., etc. After 
all, it all started as a party with the notion that we should all 
have fun together. 

Alexii Stefanovich
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