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Re: ancient mirkwoodian tale

     Sir Shinawassee, with more or less innocent fun on his mind, sidled up to 
     the fire and enlivened our evening with a tale of the Elder Days:
As I slip into the Merry Rose in the dim light,
< such places are allways dark, so you can do things
  that you would be ashamed to do in the light of day>
I see the lovely Ianthe amoung a group of ladies by the fire.
< by manner of dress and accent a Carolingian no doubt.
I wonder  what price could I get for the lot in Miklagard 
Enough for a good drunk no doubt, but then again  would I 
want to part with them once taken hmm....but then looking at 
the crowd assembled here the acquisition cost might not be 
So, fair one you want a story, Let me tell
you a tale from long ago when men were men and 
ladies weren't so particular.
A story of a bold Irishman ensnared  by the lovely 
Lyseleath of Donnelly ,a sister of Carolingia.
In old Myrkwud, An Irish Mercenary with red hair and beard. 
His name was Master Shaungn Rubaru and this his  story:
     <Duke Cariadoc's verses omitted to save space.> 
So fair lady, I hope you liked the story of one of 
myrkwoods most distingushed adventurers.
     To Sir Shinawassee from the increasingly wary Ianthe,
     Thank you for a tale well told.  I haven't heard Cariadoc's song of 
     The Rubaru in, in, in a KINGDOM'S age.  As for his conquering and 
     downfall, the Red One was so used to disarming his ladies at time of 
     acquisition that he was at a complete loss when he met our 
     Carolingian cousin, Lyseleath.  Her weapons were of the sort that 
     could not be put aside, and she overcame and tamed the most singular 
     Master Shaugn.  
     I believe that the economic foundations of Mirkwyyd began to crumble 
     once the income from his raiding ceased, so in a way, Lyseleath 
     conquered that land, too.  Another example of Carolingian cultural 
     imperialism - sweet, insidious, and effective.  <smile>
     Do not underestimate the powers of fair flowers from the far north.  
     Even the gentlest among us may be armed with more than the daggers we 
     wear as busks.  
     And for you Sir Shinawassee, this ale.
     <batting her eyelashes and adjusting her skirts to be sure of firmer 
     footing in case the impetuous Magnuson decides to carry out his 
     mercantile musings>
     -Ianthe                               kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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