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Re: Feat of Sir Bohort

    The honored Henry, learned Chancellor of the University, sits down 
    after a hard day of lecturing unthinking students and lets loose a 
(Hmmm. The Merry Rose.... nice place. Odd looking crowd tho.)
<takes a sip of wine and clears his throat>
As we are all reciting stories, I should like to share something with 
you, sort of an odd piece which I learned from an appropriately odd 
This is the Feat of Sir Bohort, a knight from the days of Arthur. Bohort 
was well known as the strongest and indeed the _largest_ of all the 
knights of his day. But he was also a very simple and gentle soul, as 
very large men sometimes are.
     <Sir Bohort's great feat snipped to spare the gentle-hearted>
Is there anything to eat, around here?
     To Henry from Ianthe,
     Thank you for your (ahem) explosive tale.  It's plain to see that 
     more than minds are inflated at University.
     The food here is quite good.  I'm quite partial to the duck, of 
     course; but in memory of Sir Bohort I recommend you feast on 
     sauerkraut, sausage, and lentils.
<Zero length text item>