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IKAC 2/26

The following my be crossposted or printed in any sca newsletter. 
Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, Keeper of the IKAC and IKCAC
Interkingdom  Archery  Competitions
        The annual shooting of the Interkingdom Archery Competition and 
the Interkingdom Combat Archery Competition opens April 1.
        There have been two minor additions to the General Rules for all 
divisions. 1) REGULAR END TIME LIMT: The regular ends now have a time 
limit of one and one half minutes, except for the Crossbow division which 
as a limit of two minutes. 2) HANDICAPED ARCHERS: The Archer in charge 
may make any reasonable allowance for assisting handicaped archers in 
shooting the competitions. 
        The Traditional Longbow division has been replaced by the Period 
Division.  The main intent of the Period division is to encourage the use 
and construction of more period style equipment.  This division gives a 
per-centage bonus of your total score for using and/or making period 
style equipment and also uses a different scoreing system.  You can 
contact your kingdom archery oficer for copies of the new rules. 
        I am putting together a directory of suppliers of unfinished 
staves and shafts and finished bows and arrows for the use of archers 
interested in making or purchasing period style equipment.  I already 
have a list of suppliers which I have taken from current traditional 
archery magazines.  I also wish to provide a listing of Society bowyers 
and fletchers, both indivudals and guilds.  If you know of any in the SCA 
that can provide period style bows, arrows or other gear, plese send me 
their name, address and phone number and information on what they make, 
so that I can contact them for permission to include them in the 
        For a copy of the IKAC rules send a 32 cent SASE(business size), 
or for the IKCAC rules or copies of both send a 55 cent SASE(business 
size) to the Keeper of the IKAC and IKCAC: Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, c/o John R. 
Edgerton, 7662 Wells Ave, Newark, CA 94560-3530. (510) 791-9070. Email: 

sirjon@sns.com  (John R. Edgerton)                                

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