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BD: Tentative Collegium Schedule

Greetings, all!
Below is the final tentative schedule (hey, we all know
how this works) for the Bread and Circuses Collegium II
to be held in Blacksburg, VA this on March 4. Please
excuse any omissions or misspellings in names, since
the list I'm working from is not complete.

NOTE: Contrary to what might be printed elsewhere,
classes will not begin until 10:20 AM. The site will open
at 8 AM, however, and breakfast will be available.

Here's the classes and their instructors:
10:20 AM - Noon
Armoring - Master Chirhart Blackstar
Bardic Singing - Lady Julitta
Poetry - Baroness Ceridwen ferch Owen
Heraldry - Lady Rhiannon Ui Niall
Herbalism - Lady Morina Magrath

12:30 - 2:10
Bardic Storytelling - Baron Marcus (of Blackstone Mt., East)
Courtesy - Baroness Eliska Alexdrovna
Calligraphy - Mistress Jeanne Tenneur de Bec

2:20 - 4:00
Rapier 101 - Baroness Ceridwen
Belly Dancing - Baroness Kyleah (of Blackstone Mt.)
Juggling - Lord Koska
Illumination - Lady Enid nic Eoin

To be scheduled
Event Preparation for the Attendee - Baroness Ragnell Gry
Marshalling - ?

Please direct all questions to the autocrat, Gwenllian of Black
Diamond (Allsion Smith) at catvet@vt.edu.

Tom Brady  804 Washington St. #4, Blacksburg, VA 24060  SCA: Duncan MacKinnon
       Gordon's Rule of Carpentry: "All tools are hammers, except for
                    screwdrivers, which are chisels."