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Re: Re[3.1415926]: Are Duck Pins Period?

Graf Klaus sagt:

>We had two Bull Dukes carefully penned up, but sadly in the same pen. 
>Initially the one was up on Fence O and the other was back on Fence D, 
>apparently quite well separated. However, at one point they did rush 
>(well as rushed as Bull Dukes get) together and did contest with much 
>flailing of sticks and bumping of bellies over "who would have the puck 
>and stick it in and score." After much huffing and puffing, bumping and 
>checking, the Younger Bull Duke did cast the Elder down and cause it to 
>crack its unprotected skull against the ground (to the great distress of 
>all and the ground). The Elder Duke was not permanently damaged, but one 
>can easily see that "Separate but Equal Accomodations" are clearly the 
>rule one should apply with Duke Pens.

Indeed, this is a true account, as I was there.  The earth shook, and
all watched in amazement.  Although, as I remember it, the younger Duke
did crouch down behind the elder and entice him to fall over him in
a version of the fabled "Three Stooges" maneuver.

The sad part, of course, is that the puck was nowhere near them at the
time.  And even if it had been, empirical evidence suggests that County
rank players from northern climes are more likely to score, although
Dukes make more noise when doing so.