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Re: Are Duck Pins Period

To all good gentles, my hopes that my plea falls not on deaf
ears nor on hard hearts.

While it is true that it was long ago decided to protect our Dukes Plumage
by separating them from the populous (after all, we can't have them going
the way of the Cod!) I don't believe the original intent ever envisioned such
cruel things as the Ducal Pens. It is agreed that if left to their own devices
(Hmmm. What devices could a Duke use safely and legally?) they would
soon find them selves in the Jam spoken of earlier, bred or not. Some might
say this is but much baloney (but it is not of Baloney or Shire or Canton we
speak of here). But I say to you today that I have witnessed such a Jam to
convince me that preserve of this nature are the only humane way of dealing
with this situation.

It was a cold and rainy knight.............I witnessed Duke Olaf 
himself bow to the
great pressure applied to him by the masses of uncaring populous surrounding
him, and did physical harm to himself by imitating some sort of press he called
a "typewriter"? I know not what this thing is but it involved him 
slapping himself in
face repeatedly and eventually causing harm to his ducal person. However, as
dangerous as this sounds, what would have happened had he refused and the
crowd turned ugly? (Though as I was in the crowd, I am sure some might say it
could get little uglier)

Thus to I beseech all good gentles to whom this missive finds itself to 
not hasten
to do away with the Ducal Pens without dealing in other ways with their 

pleading (and ducking from the retribution I am surely to receive from 
his grace)

Lord Michael Ryan of York

(who should really know better by now to keep his mouth shut)

*Though I walk thorough the valley in the shadow of death, I shall fear 
no evil.....
but a Sir Cain Butt Rap will still send me running!*