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Re[2]: A story! A story!

     Michael Limner enlivens the group by the fire with a tale of a Great 
     Flamingo Hunt -

Oh yes, it so happened one afternoon that a most horrid sight was commented 
A suit of armor had been placed on display in a camp across the road.  A suit 
that was most painfull to look at.  It wasn't the fact the armor was formed 
of plastic, you see.  It was the colors: day glo yellow, international 
orange, lurid green ... purple, it was enough to make a man swear off drink. 
Worse yet, was the fact that the armor was of the style common to the late 
15th century and each individual *plate* was a different color.  Each 
segement of a pauldron, or elbow, or polyen was a differnt shade of 
flourescent plastic.  To make matters worse, this... *thing* was flanked by 
two plastic lawn flamingos.
     <Rest of story clipped to save space>

     To the fine and mirthful fellow Squire Michael Limner, from Ianthe, 
     Thank you for the tale of Flamingo's Folly.  I prefer to wear my fowl, 
     rather than leave them skewered in the night, but that is a personal 
     quirk, inspired by admiration for their fair plumage and flapping 
     There is a tiny detail of your story that piques my criticism.  This 
     concerns the disputation of wars.  In Great Pompeii's camp there were 
     neither goldfish nor flamingos.  
     Whence came such things to bivouacs martial?  Do now the great hosts 
     of the assembled kingdoms travel with fish-wardens and 
     flamingo-herders?  It is no small wonder then, that color-blind 
     armorers can abide undetected in the throng until the blinding glare 
     of their product betrays them.
     (Ale and thanks to you as well.)
     -Ianthe                                       kim.salazar@em.doe.gov