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Fireside song

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<Eogan saunters up to the fire, kilt swishing, boots knocking against the
wooden floor>

Hello, ladies!  The warm fire and pretty faces pulled me this way! <checks
over his shoulder to see if his Lady isn't listening nearby.>

Why, hello, Deirdre!  I heard you mentioning something about good Viking
tales.  Where here's one that dates back to, oh, I'd say darn near a week
ago.  I thunk it up meself after being inspired at Ymir...

    To Eogan, singer of "Bjorn, the Viking,"

    Thank you for the song.  I'm giving you some MORE ale against my
    better judgement.  You earned it, and I promised to share.  Please
    set my mind at ease,  you DO have a designated rower to oar you
    home tonight, right?  <<peering closely to see if your eyes are
    still able to focus>>