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Re[4]: Fireside song

     Now, now, Eogan.
     I'm sure it must be...
>>rape, plunder and then burn.
     and your quote from Erik was after 4 pints of good mead. If you'll 
     remember his formative logic about rape:
>Of course you rape first, for the women and sheep are squeemish and are 
>liable to run away at the sight of a horned helmed, fur wearing...

     the last phrase is very important--fur wearing. Fur doesn't like fire. 
     If burning is second, you can't plunder the furs...to say nothing of 
     the succulent sweets. 
     More than that...do you have any idea what you'll do to a good sturdy 
     drinking horn or a cask of ale in an INFERNO!
     Remind them not to put you in charge of the raiding part...they'd go 
     cold, hungry, AND thirsty!

     (merely observations from the underbrush)