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Re[4]: Fireside song

     Greetings, all.
     I'm not one to prefer trampling upon others spirits but I received a  
     post that makes the short hairs on my neck stand up.
     I trust that anyone who bothered to take part in the thread "Fireside 
     song" has received something similar.
     If you did, my heart out to you; if you didn't, share this for a 
     moment and be glad you didn't receive it personally. 
     For those whose days I dampened, I shall endeavor in the future to 
     make amends.
     To the one named Llywelen ap Rhotbert ap Gwyllym, find me at an event. 
     My personal remarks are for you--and you alone.

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Subject: Re[4]: Fireside song
Author:  artg@nchgr.nih.gov (Art Glatfelter) at smtpgate
Date:    3/27/95 2:49 PM

        Imust admit there is litle more amusing than murder and theft,
unless it be the degredation and rape of helpless victims.  A concept so 
appreciated by wag and victims alike that it forms the very corner-stone of 
Chivalry, Honour, and decency.  Many is the night I have sat about the fire 
and laughed with rape victims at the playfull good humour expressed by 
those that attacked, brutalized, and humiliated them.
                                Llywelen ap Rhotbert ap Gwyllym