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Re: A Story...

     To the generous Daoud from Ianthe, greetings.
     Thank you for your story from other lands.  For your pains, I will 
     wash your hands in rosewater, and offer you the choicest almonds and 
     snow sorbets (brought by swift runners from high places where ice 
     still lingers.)
     I had not heard a tale of Nasradin since Duke Cariadoc told a tale 
     Sufi wisdom around a Pennsic fire, long ago.  Perhaps you can help 
     me bring it back to memory.  I believe it involved a poor man who 
     borrowed an earthenware bowl from a rich man.  The next day, he 
     returned both the bowl and a small cup, saying that the bowl had had 
     a kitten.
     I would be most greatful if you could finish the story and complete 
     my memory.
     -Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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