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Pressed Duck

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    : gordons@infi.net_at_INTERNET at X400PO
     Ianthe condenses the various silliness perpetrated by herself and 
     others into one unit for ease of deletion:

> To Bertram from Ianthe,
> This is hard to determine.  Although most Dukes I know have been in jams, 
> and some have bred, I don't know of any who have juxtaposed the two.
> -Ianthe                               kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
....and here I had always thought jam and bred was popular across 
the ages.
Ducking (!) under table...
Sharon  gordons@infi.net

    To Sharon from Ianthe:
    Once more you bring us around to ducks.  Mine *LOVE* jam and bread.  
    Especially after a hard day's worth of flapping.  
    Also tea, a drink with jam and bread.  But that (in turn) brings us back 
    to Does, and I don't recall deer being discussed in this thread.

Gyrth?   He was in a jam or two in his long lost yute.

My best -- Bertram (looking for some butter to spread...)
    To Bertram, from Ianthe:
    If you think I'm going to touch that "butter" line in a forum frequented 
    by the underaged, you're out of your mind.
    As for Gyrth and jams -  I am reminded of an immortal quotation of his, 
    handed down while stuck in heavy traffic en route to an event:
        "Life is a palimpsest."
    Spoken way before the days of recycling, or even Dirt.

Greetings from Ellwood!

Scripsit Miriam:
%...I interpret the discussion as one on Duke Puns! What say
%your Graces? Gyrth? Dyffd? Anyone else? Are Duke Puns period? I have come 
%across many at events.

Well, let's see.  Puns are period--unless you are a herald in which case you 
cant.  Dukes are certainly period.  Therefore it should logically follow that 
Duke Puns are period as well.

And then,
%   To Miriam from Ianthe,

%   ...As for Duke Puns, I think they are occasionally reprehensible, all too
%   ubiquitous, and entirely unavoidable.  Much like Dukes, themselves.

I always thought we were supposed to duck puns.  If it floats it is a pun, if 
it sinks, it was apparently not a pun--or least not a very good pun.  Or is 
that duck puns as in to dodge them?  I cant remember.....

--who finally couldn't resist
    To Ellwood from Ianthe:
    If you "cant remember" and you are a herald, then how can you pun?  I try 
    not to duck puns.  I tried to duck a blow in the lists once.  I avoided 
    the initial strike, only to catch the rebound full in the face.  When I 
    woke up everyone was staring at me.  
    I think that puns are similar.  Smack 'em back!  Never duck!  
Enter the Merry Rose, shiver, cosy up to the fire, sigh..

Greeting to all by the fireside in the Merry Rose.
I've been marketing and must rest my weary bones.
As I came in thought I overheard someone mention Duke Pans.
Isn't that where they cook a Duke's goose?

- Elaine Gilbert of Roxbury

     To Elaine from Ianthe:
     I prefer to roast Dukes.  I find a large banquet hall and people of 
     incisive wit useful in this pursuit.  In a pinch, eMail lists can be 
     used, but you miss out on the use of slapstick, which is what made them 
     Dukes in the first place.
     Apologies to all
     -Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov