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Re: Authorization Card Renewal

On Fri, 10 Mar 1995, Jay Shaner wrote:

> It has come to my attention that many of the populous have questions
> regarding the renewal of authorization cards.  The following is the
> procedure as proscribed by the most recent Red Tape and postings in the
> Acorn:
> 1).  Proof of membership - a copy of your new membership card or a copy of a
> returned post card from the Office of the Registry or a dated fax
> confirmation report of membership form sent to the Office of the Registry.
> 2).  A completed Verification of Membership / Combat Waiver form which can
> be obtained from your local MOL or from the Kingdom MOL.
> 3).  Either $1 for 2 Blue cards or $5 for 2 Gold cards ($4 from the Gold
> cards goes to the Kingdom travel fund).
> 4).  Not required but suggested  - a self addresses stamped envelope to
> return your cards.
Why do we need a verification of membership if we already have blue
membership cards.  I thought that was the whole point of having 
colored cards.  Granted, it's extremely hard to copy the color of
the card in order to send it, but this looks like it is bordering
on ridiculous.

Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Rapier Champion, Barony of Storvik
(who still needs to get his new authorization card, since
the membership card just showed up after waiting two months.)
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