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Authorization Card Renewal

Konrad strolls into the Merry Rose at Cheapside.  He nods to Lady Deirdre
and Countess Ianthe sitting at the hearth.  He unrolls a scroll and tacks it
to the wall using the pummel of his dagger.  He steps back and says in aloud

Oyez, oyez... pray pay heed to a message from the Kingdom Minister of the

Greetings unto the patrons of the Merry Rose from Lady Isbella Stere,
Kingdom Minister of the List.

It has come to my attention that many of the populous have questions
regarding the renewal of authorization cards.  The following is the
procedure as proscribed by the most recent Red Tape and postings in the

1).  Proof of membership - a copy of your new membership card or a copy of a
returned post card from the Office of the Registry or a dated fax
confirmation report of membership form sent to the Office of the Registry.

2).  A completed Verification of Membership / Combat Waiver form which can
be obtained from your local MOL or from the Kingdom MOL.

3).  Either $1 for 2 Blue cards or $5 for 2 Gold cards ($4 from the Gold
cards goes to the Kingdom travel fund).

4).  Not required but suggested  - a self addresses stamped envelope to
return your cards.

The above should be sent to:

Lady Isbella Stere
Sherry L. Shaner
1786 Stonehaven Lane
Frederick, MD 21702

If there are any questions please feel free to contact Lady Isbella - E-mail
jshaner@solarex.com or (301) 694-8601 (before 10PM).

In Service to Atlantia

Konrad adds - Please, if you would be so kind, pass this message on to those
not able to enjoy the fine company here tonight.

Konrad moves to the fireside to chat with Lady Deirdre and listen to the
excellent stories.