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Re: Re[2]: Ianthe and Linguistics


So, now I'm a primary source.....

I can hardly wait to see what it's like being a lab rat.

I suppose there is nothing for it but we will someday see someone
get a laurel in "Henry Linguistics and Culture"....

O Ianthe: Truth be told, I am accustomed to people around me saying the
STRANGEST things when transliterated into my native tongue, which is
so structured as to make multilingual puns inevitable. So please don't
be concerned about the results if you should, for instance, inquire 
whether I liked the feast. I have learned to school my features and not react.

It's just that the blatant mispronunciation of my name with three "ecki"s
is such a common mistake. I have grown a bit testy about it and it's
something of a pet peeve. I humbly apologize for flying off the handle.
I had no right to take my frustrations out on you, an innocent.

-Henry the Primary Source

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