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Re[4]: Ianthe and Linguistics

     Lady Deirdre comments on my proposal to use a trial and error method 
     to determine what language has offensive homophones in Henry's native 
[I perk up from my stitching by the fire...]
I think that your first-hand notations from your own observation of an 
original artifact does constitute primary source...
[going back to my stitching, but I find it hard to embroider while giggling]

     I reply:
     I saw Chancellor Henry during the last session of the Atlantean 
     Univeristy.  Though stooped with care and the weight of his huge 
     academic responsiblity, he didn't look ancient enough to qualify as 
     "an artifact."  In fact, he didn't even look old enough to be "an 
     heirloom," "an antique," or "a mathom."
     His step was quite sprightly, his ankles trim, and his voice rang out 
     well in assembly.  Appearances can be deceiving, though.  Does his 
     vigorous demeanor truly mask a vast and unimaginable age?
     -Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov