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Re: A lurker's tale

Countess Ianthe (kim.salazar@em.doe.gov) wrote:
>     Not awkward in the least.  Simple renditions oft fit tales of simple
>     wisdom the best.  Whence came this story?  From some Eastern hoard of
>     knowledge?  Is it a tale of the Nasrudin?

I'm afraid I am unfamiliar with the Nasrudin, the story comes from a Taoist
philosopher whose name escapes me, by way of _The Te of Piglet_ (not
exactly an eastern horde of knowledge, but what the hey).

>     Please be welcome!  INNKEEP!  Please pull up another chair before the
>     fire, and bring this lady refreshment and warm food.  And a lap rug.
>     It's cold out and she's fair frozen.  (Shame on us all not to notice
>     your need before you spoke.)

Thank you most gracious lady. The chill HAS gone straight through to my
bones today! I do hope spring comes soon!



I have heard the recent discussion regarding the pronounciation of your
name, Countess. However, my difficulty is determining how to address
you...your highness, your grace, your amazingness, your most royal
mightiness, your majesty....? As you can tell, I am quite a newcomer and do
not wish to trip over my tongue, nor offend. I often wish gentles wore
labels on their clothing to help me recognize their rank. I am not at all
skilled in the game yet.

I am afraid that I did not bring any embroidery with me on this jaunt,
since the needle does not usually suit me. So I wonder if anyone might like
to have their portrait sketched? I have brought charcoal and paper and can
render fairly.

Elayne FitzJames <---SCA name in development
Ponte Alto