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Re[4]: Ianthe and Linguistics

     Alianora accepts my offer of research notes that could form the basis 
     of a Henry-English lexicon:

...I would be most pleased to aid in the compilation of a Henry-English 
dictionary.  Perhaps the close study of the language that
such an enterprise would require could enlighten us as to tehe precise nature 
and linguistic family of Henry's language, and would doubtless be a boon to
the many who work in the cause of the University, whoi are doubtless often as 
puzzled by the vagaries of his language as we here are.  _--Alianora

     To the scholarly and generous Alianora, from Ianthe, greetings.
     I do perceive this need.  Perhaps we can call upon the resource at 
     hand - the good people assembled here in the tavern - to aid us.  
     Mayhap they have tales of Henry and the imprecision wrought by the 
     linguistic misapprehension that must follow him.
     For example, he seemed to display reticence processing the concept 
     "Womens Studies" at the last University meeting.  I seem to remember 
     vast numbers of ladies having to approach him quite closely so that by 
     the example of their presence, he could understand exactly what was 
     under discussion.  
     Happily, he finally seemed to grasp the concept of "Women," (though 
     fortunately, not the women themselves).  All parties emerged delighted 
     with the ensuing agreement.  Not the least so seemed the good Henry, 
     whose world must have been <ahem> broadened by the inclusion of so 
     many ladies.
     -Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov