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Re[4]: Ianthe and Linguistics

     Henry comments on our proposed research into his language, reactions, 
     and the way his mind works:
...So, now I'm a primary source.....
I can hardly wait to see what it's like being a lab rat.
I suppose there is nothing for it but we will someday see someone 
get a laurel in "Henry Linguistics and Culture"....
O Ianthe: Truth be told, I am accustomed to people around me saying the 
STRANGEST things when transliterated into my native tongue, which is
so structured as to make multilingual puns inevitable. So please don't 
be concerned about the results if you should, for instance, inquire
whether I liked the feast. I have learned to school my features and not react.
It's just that the blatant mispronunciation of my name with three "ecki"s 
is such a common mistake. I have grown a bit testy about it and it's 
something of a pet peeve. I humbly apologize for flying off the handle.
I had no right to take my frustrations out on you, an innocent.
-Henry the Primary Source
     To the Source, from Ianthe, tender apologies.
     I have wronged you and must make amends.  I had no idea that you were 
     so sensitive about multiple Eckis.  I will take steps to see that no 
     more than two are uttered in your presence at any time.  Please accept 
     my deepest regret for having caused you sorrow.
     I am not as particular about "Hay-Yoo."  You may accent either 
     syllable or voice it repeatedly, as you wish.
     You may enjoy being a Primary Source.  You could enter yourself as a 
     work of art into Pentathalons or other A&S competitions, secure in the 
     knowledge that you were supplying the finest, most complete 
     documentation there.  And it may come in handy while preparing the 
     introduction to the University Catalog: "A reliable Primary Source 
     states that this infomation is mostly true at time of publication."
     As for being myself, an innocent, I blush.  I can only thank the 
     strict moral guidance I received during my time as a resident of the 
     Oldcastle Home for Wayward Countesses.  Expectations there were only 
     exceeded by the punishments inflicted for breaking the rules.  
     Why, often we were forced to labor crafting shields and armaments 
     waaaaay into the night - all the while under the hissed command:  
     "Hammer QUIETLY! The neighbors are asleep."  I am a better person for 
     it.  Also quite handy with tools.
     -Ianthe                             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov 
     DID you like the feast?
     <Watching intently for signs of agitation>
<Zero length text item>