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Re: Authorization Cards

There have been questions from several people about the information provided
by Lord Konrad for Lady Isbella Stere regarding combat cards.

The format posted by Lord Konrad is the manner in which the fighter
_receives_ the blue combat card, which is then accepted by the list table as
proof of _both_ membership _and_ fighter authorization.  Proof of both of
these is necessary before an individual fighter is allowed to fight in any

The verification of membership form is intended to prove to KMOL that the
individual has a waiver on file at Corporate.  This is in accordance with the
Kingdom law requiring that fighters and other individuals involved in combat
activities (i.e., marshals, heralds, water bearers, etc.) be members of the
Society who have signed waivers on file _at Corporate_.  This means that a
person trying to get a combat card in Atlantia must have a blue membership
card.  Kendrick is right that a copy does not show color. However, the
verification of membership form does indicate that someone has checked this
card and it is in fact _blue_.  In addition, if the verification form is
being sent in with a list officer's report from an event, no copy of the
membership card is required.  It is only necessary when fighters send in
renewal requests on their own.

The combat card's indication of membership both abides by the law of Atlantia
and makes it easier for the fighter, who does not have to have his or her
membership card available in the armor bag.  Simply the fighter card is
enough for the MOL at an event.  

I do feel obliged to point out that not every Autocrat will accept a fighter
card as proof of membership, so it is probably a good idea to have the
membership card available at check-in.  It's just not necessary to keep your
membership card with your fighter card, so you can go lock your wallet back
in your car when you pick up your armor before the tourney.

It is true that there has been a problem in the past with receipt of combat
cards in a timely manner, but Lady Isbella Stere assured me personally at
Ponte Alto's Baronial Birthday that once she receives all the files from the
former KMOL that the process is expected to move much more quickly than it
has in the past.

Caitlyn o Duirnin, Ponte Alto MOL