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Forms of address...

Greetings to the Taverners, and to those out(Cheap)side enjoying the
balmy weather to-night, from Evan da Collaureo.

Respondeth Countess Ianthe to Elayne FitzJames:

E>I have heard the recent discussion regarding the pronounciation of your 
E>name, Countess. However, my difficulty is determining how to address you.... 

I>If you feel moved to formality, "My Lady Countess" is about all I can 
I>stand with a straight face.  "Countess Ianthe" is O.K. for everyday 
I>wear.  The majority of the time, (like now - sitting around a fire, 
I>passing refreshment around) just my name is fine.  If you're Henry, 
I>"Hay-Yoo" is acceptable.  Don Fernando calls me other things, but 
I>these are situational and range from "Pearl of My Heart" to 
I>"Moose-Cow".  I would not suggest emulating his example.  (He himself 
I>has always preferred the simpler "Don" to either "Count," or "Sir".)

I am reminded of a story from Graf Steffan's Crown Tourney (the one won
by Sir Cuan). Their Majesties of the Middle, Finn and Garlanda, were
visiting our fair kingdom for this event. As luck would have it, the
number of entrants in the Crown Lists was an unwieldy sum, such that
the first several rounds required byes. It was determined that those
with byes should still fight in the round -- and His Mediterranean
Majesty accepted the invitation to become "Lord Bye."

So there I am, tabarding up to herald the first round, chatting with
folks, including the Queen of the Middle. As the bye bout approached,
I asked Garlanda how I should introduce Finn at its start.

She responded, "Well, I usually call him 'Bozo Darling'...."

After picking myself up off the grass, I repeated the epithet back
as a question, seeking confirmation (but unwittingly tossing another
straight line at her). She said "Sometimes I leave off the 'darling'."
(More ROGL.) I did not take Her Majesty up on her suggestion.

Evan da Collaureo, calling for another brown ale.