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Re: Limes and Stierbach Water

Lady Miriam writes:

> Leifr writes
> >Still, I figure I can be the most attroius politically incorrect (in 
> Scadian/Atlantian terms) seneschal, until the blessing hits, 'cause I 
> can't be removed until then ;-), ;-).
> Somebody give his wife a drink!!!
> :):) Only kidding, if you step down, who would take over... Well, I do want 
> a second one....No Brok! Put down that sword...............
Enjoy your chance to be a civilian for a while longer Lady Miriam.  After 
all, I might want to poll for you and Brok for Baron and Baroness ;-).

And behave yourself Brok.

In Service
Leifr Johansson
CFFP "Si non tibi placet, non emendate agis"