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Gee, Henry! We must somehow be related -- the turning lights green
superpower runs in my family as well -- I inherited it from my mother --
except that it is manifested not by an incantation, but by blowing on
the light...(and boy, howdy, can you impress a little kid...)

Otto claims that my most unusual superpower is being able to bend
time -- his bases his theory on the hypothesis that I live on another
plane VERY CLOSE to everyone else's plane, so close in fact that we can
see, touch and communicate with each other, but my plane HAS NO TIME...
This means that NO MATTER WHERE or WHEN I go, I *always arrive late*!!!
(OOOOooooooo!!! Amaaaaaazing!!!!) So, in fact, he theorizes, when you
tell me "I'll meet you there at three," I will nod my head like I actually
understand, but since I HAVE NO TIME, this statement has no meaning for
me...and I must use my superpower to bend time in order to arrive anywhere
in the neighbourhood (usually ten minutes late) of the time I was told.

A useful power that I have that I am not sure whether or not is a super-
power since it seems to rely on someone else is the ability to Find a 
Parking Space Up Front. This power is manifested by saying, "Don't worry,
Carol's grandmother is saving us a space Up Front." I inherited this power
from my mother, who got it from Carol, the mother of my godsister, who in
the good Catholic way believes that her grandmother is continuing to do
good works in the afterlife. (Hence, I am not certain this is an actual
superpower per se.)

I also have the superpower of finding loose change, which I have had since
a child, but no one else in my family seems to have this one. Ditto for
the superpower of being able to see much better/farther than anyone else,
but since they can't see what you are looking at, they never believe you.

Finally, I have the incredible superpower of drinking noisily (glook!
glook! glook!).

who thinks that Henry forgot to mention his most important superpower --
the ability to make folks amused who merely read or think his name...

...I also have the power to be mistaken for 1) one of my squire sibs, if in
Atlantia, or 2) a waterbearer, if in any other kingdom. However, this power
is only manifested when wearing my magical "Goutte Guys" tabard, and thus 
is not a superpower.