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Re: Oh please..someone tell another lighthearted story

Greetings unto the Merry Rose!
Good gentles, I'm in need of another lighthearted story or song... Could 
someone *please* indulge me? I have some lovely old single malt scotch to 
share (I 'borrowed" it from Pascal... he won't mind.... much.. ;D) 
:::Pulling spindle and wool from basket and looking around hopefully:::
Anne Elizabeth
     To Anne Elizabeth from Ianthe,
     By now, the song and story request has made its way around the 
     assembled circle, and returned to me.  How can I deny you?
     This is a song I learned from Baroness Morgaine de Provence long, long 
     years ago.  I do not know its name, who wrote it or from whence it 
     came.  Please excuse my rusty alto and imperfect memory:
          When I was a young lad and very well thought of 
          I couldn't ask all that the ladies denied.
          I nibbled their hearts like a handful of raisins, 
          And I never spoke love for I knew that I lied.
          I said to myself, "Ah, none of them know 
          The secret I shelter and savour and save.
          I wait for the one who will see through my seeming, 
          I'll know when I love by the way I behave."
          The years drifted by me like clouds in the heavens, 
          The ladies went by me like snow on the wind.
          I charmed and I cheated, deceived and dissembled;
          And I sinned, and I sinned, and I sinned, and I sinned. 
          But I said to myself, "Ah, none of them see
          There's a part of me pure as the wisp of a wave.
          My lady is late but she'll find I've been faithful; 
          She'll know that I love by the way I behave."
          At last came a lady both knowing and tender,
          Saying "You're not at all what they take you to be."
          I betrayed her before she had quite finished speaking. 
          She swallowed cold poison and jumped in the sea.
          And I say to myself, when I've time for a word
          As I gracefully grow more debauched and depraved: 
          "True love may be strong, but a habit is stronger; 
          I knew when I loved by the way I behaved."
        -Ianthe                                 kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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