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Re: superpowers

Somehow or another, I have the amazing ability to be the one person who
gets her paperwork lost by whatever office it was sent to -- most 
recently it was the department of housing at my grad school.  What is
a poor grad student to do if she can't live on her *beloved* campus?
Oh horrors -- no dorm food!!!  Another ability I seem to have is the 
amazing ability to get myself into trouble by just being at an event --
you can ask my father, Temur the Procrastinator, how many times he has
sighed about whatever it is I have gotten into.  I also seem to be able
to confound everyone around me due to my superior logical leaps which make
no sense to anyone except me (and consequently require the wisdom of 
Mother Rivkah herself to translate them for the *normal* individual).

Isabella Benalcazar of White Wing