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Re: superpowers

Do any of you know what your superpower(s) is/are?
     To Henry, from Ianthe, greetings-
     My superpower is to always be in a different room of my house from my 
     scissors when I need them.  It doesn't matter where I'm sewing or 
     embroidering, or how long it has been since I put them down.  The 
     force of my need folds space and time, and sends them through the 
     ether to some inaccessible drawer elsewhere in the house.
     My (mundane) sister has a Scary Real Life Superpower:  Lauren attracts 
     Lauren took her honeymoon in the Yucatan.  While she was there, one 
     went through, and the hotel became a refugeee camp with no running 
     water or electricity.  A couple of years later she moved to Charlotte, 
     where she sat out Hugo in a townhouse that was nearly bisected by 
     falling trees.  Soon thereafter, she was transferred to Miami, 
     Florida.  Her beach-front area was evacuated for the last big storm 
     there.  The school she was relocated to was in Homestead - the 
     subdivision that was flattened.  As a matter of record, my sister is 
     still living in the Miami area.  I don't advise visiting there during 
     hurricane season.
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