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Re: Oh please..someone tell another lighthearted story

Excuse me, but I've been lurking about in the gloaming,
listening to your songs, and thought I might barge in
with a song myself.
  I moved to your Kingdom from AEthelmearc in September,
and when I've heard people hereabouts call a little chill
and dreariness "winter", I've chuckled and said to myself,
"They don't know what 'winter' really means."  So imagine
my chagrin on St. Patrick's day, when I saw all the pear-
trees suddenly full-blown, and came to know that all these
years I didn't know what "Spring" really means.
  Which brings me to my song, which goes, something like
this (except that it should be in parts):

Sumer is icumen i-i-in.
Lhude sing, cuccu!
Groweth sed and bloweth med
And springth the wode nu.
Sing, cuccu!
Awe bletheth after lomb.
Lhouth after calve cu.
Bulluc sterteth, bucke verteth.
Murie sing, cuccu!
Cuccu!  Cuccu!
Wel singes thu, cuccu!
Ne swik thu naver nu.

Alfredo el Bufon