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Re: BOCK the Badger

"Ruth A. Cardiff" <71175.1357@compuserve.com> says:
>Brok asks,
>	If he is being called Bock, does that mean that his twin brother 
>Patrick is Dopple BOCK?
>						Miriam
Depending on the type of people he runs around with, he might be a 
"dopple-gang-'er"  :-)

How's my favorite herbalist???

Another non-period tune you might enjoy...


One day two nuns from Belfast Town
went driving along the road;
When they, perchance, ran out of gas
and they bitterly did moan
"Oh sister, dear, I greatly fear,"
then one of them did say,
"That the Good Lord works in wonderous ways
and we must walk today."

With a hey-dum-diddle-dum-die-dum der-ry-oh

"Well the Lord helps them who help themselves,"
The other nun exclaimed,
"His will be done," so off they went
in search of gasoline;
They had not gone but half-a-mile
when station they did sight,
And to the station manager
had soon declared their plight

With a hey-dum-diddle-dum-die-dum der-ry-oh

"Well, Good Sisters, sure, the gas I have
enought to suit the queen
But I've noting but a chamberpot
to carry the gasoline,
We'll put it to a nobler use
Than chamberpots have been,"
and off the sisters went once more
with the chamber pot's between

With a hey-dum-diddle-dum-die-dum der-ry-oh

Well, at length they reached their motorcar
and to the Lord gave thanks
They soon were pouring petrol 
from the pot into the tank
And as they stood there 
with the chamber pot all lifted high
a parson on his bicycle
by chance did peddle by.

With a hey-dum-diddle-dum-die-dum der-ry-oh

Now in Northern Ireland, 
where our story takes place,
it's no great secret, 
that the Catholics and Protestants 
don't get along very well,
as a matter of fact, 
they never miss an opportunity to 
take a shot at one another, 
verbal or otherwise,
and so...

At such a sight, the parson stopped,
and with open mouth did stare,
Until at last, he found his wits
and solomnly declared,
"I am a true born Protestant,
a parson by me trade,
and yer Catholic, and yer souls be damned,
but I do admire your faith!"

With a hey-dum-diddle-dum-die-dum der-ry-oh
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