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Re: BOCK the Badger

You write:
>We may be doing some eventing real soon now, but waiting on Clarissa (born 

>4/15/93) and Benjamin (born 11/21/94) to mature enough to take on an 

WIMP WIMP WIMP.:):):) We up in Stierbach take our kids along from the 
start! Our daughter Rowen (4/20/94) has been through War of the Roses, War 
of the Lillies, Pensic, two Universities, and about a dozen other events. 
	Give it a try sometime. There are many little ones at events these 
days, and they have a great time together. There are merchants who 
specialize in period toys and games from the newborn appropriate on up. I 
know Rowan loves seeing other babies at events. You can also swap off 
sitting time with other parents. Remember, even their Highnesses Michael 
and Sionid (I know, I never could spell) have a toddler that goes to 
events. Please don't let the kids keep you from playing with us, just make 
sure you don't leave your kids unattended.

	Anyway, I apoligize for the WIMP comment, but you may be surprised 
at how much the kids may enjoy events!

					Miriam (and Rowen who is looking 
forward to playing with
young Benjamin at a future event)