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RE: Re[8]: Ianthe and Linguistics

Greetings unto the fair Ianthe from Ellwood!

Scripsit Ianthe:

%   Back in the depths of time when I first moved to Atlantia, I lived in
%   the Oldcastle Home for Wayward Countesses.  Under their strict
%   guidance, I mended my footloose ways, and eventually moved out and
%   married Don Fernando.

%   "Wayward" was however, lots of fun.  I recommend it as an official
%   status for anyone for whom "Proper" is beyond current achievement.
%   As it is part of your name, I can only assume that you have mastered
%   the art.  Perhaps you wish to teach it?

Hmmm.  A wayward proper as an achievement....  I think I might be able to
come up with something before the College of Heralds catches up with me....

Wayward-ness is more of a state of being than an actual Art, Your 
I came to be wayward through a great deal of travel through two Kingdoms.
I tend to wander off (which causes the Baron a great deal of discomfort if I
happen to do so while heralding his Court) I do this both physically and
intellectually in a meandering path that few can follow(much less find).

I doubt very much that anyone would take instruction from me.  *sigh*
I must not be doing this right.  I've rarely had fun being wayward 8^(

Cheerfully slaving for my feudal masters... 8^)