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Re: Merry Rose favors?

Hi folks,

	Uh, it's been a day .... Queen Anne needed to be looked after all day 
long, because King Henry was playing around with Yet Another Lady in Waiting 
(tm) .... 
	<Meli sits down just in time to catch Tanner's lovely rendition of 
"Boozin," realizes he has offered to buy a round, and asks for a nice brown 
bock beer.  Or is that Brok beer?  :-) >
	Re: Merry Rose favors, it's not a requirement, it's not particularly 
even schtick .... it's just a cute idea, and if anyone wants one, Karen et moi 
will be more than happy to make a goodie with the Merry Rose sign upon't.  Be 
it ribbon, embroidered cockade, dishtowel (for those who might like doing 
dishes, like Countess Ianthe and myself) or dangly whatever, or like the 
really neat idea of tankards!!!!!  Ooooh, Where can I buy one of those?  Can't 
you just see us all sitting together at a table or six somewhere, singing, 
telling stories, and having a grand old time, whilst we drink from our Merry 
Rose tankards???
	Karen, I have choir rehearsal until 9 pm, and usually make it back to 
Farifax by about 9:30.  Would anyone still be over at Caer GMU doing fighting/
dancing/embroidering by that hour?  Or should I just invite everyone over for 
a relaxa-revel, where we can really drink beer, sing songs, tell stories .... 
and do that embroidery thing? 
	Oh, and Tanner--thanks for the song, and for the round! :-)

	Iechyd dda,
	Meli :-)