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Re: Merry Rose favors?

On Mar 28, 12:36, Lance Harrop wrote:

> Well, you don't have to wear one, you know.  After all, the favor would 
> either mean the Merry Rose likes the person wearing it, or the person 
> wearing it likes the Merry Rose.

It also means that the person wearing it isn't bothered by wearing a
symbol from the 1990's with their pre-seventeenth century clothing. I
think this is what Keilyn was refering to. The banner is a nice &
funny joke, but I'm not wearing it with my clothing all the time.

> >      Keilyn the stuffy
> >      (and still recovering from Sunday)
> > 
> Sorry you're feeling poorly.

Last time she felt me, she did a good job.

Gregory Blount of Isenfir

(I hope more people than just Keilyn get that joke...)