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Re: Merry Rose favors?

Keilyn wrote:

     Urp.  I thought the banner was cute (although having been in the
     kitchen, I missed the schtick involved).  But tokens?  Really?

     I don't mean to stomp on anyone's parade, but... I don't think so.

The tokens would be primarily to identify people as Merry Rose patrons, 
so that if one was looking to attach a face to an e-mail address, they 
need only look for an embroidered bit of ribbon (or whatever form they 
eventually take) on the garb of gentles at events.  Bit of an 
ice-breaker, I suppose, and an excuse to introduce oneself to virtual 
strangers (or I suppose they`d really be virtual *acquaintances,* but 
them`s semantics for ya!)  :)

Karen Larsdatter