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Re: Luther

Miriam asked:
     ]>Luther of Stierbach - Luther@infodata.com
     ]Luther? Do I know you?
     Most Gracious Miriam,
        I am the hunter that provided some venison for a feast last fall. 
     You did it justice by turning it into a fine and taste pottage. I 
     believe it was the Adult Event in Stierbach, my first event in fact, 
     where I enjoyed meeting your newest offspring Rowan (forgive me if I 
     got her name wrong). 
        "Do you know me?" We have met. You may remember a beard and a 
     barrel chest worn by a quiet man. You honor me with a small space in 
     your life's memory. 
     At your Service,
     Luther of Stierbach - Luther@infodata.com